RIP Buster

RIP Buster, the dog that completed five tours of duty in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq.

He saved thousands of lives by sniffing out bombs in these war zones. He was 13 and passed away peacefully at his home in Lincolnshire with Flight Sergeant Will Barrow.

You will be missed

Farewell To Military Schools In Germany

It’s an emotional week in North Germany as seven military schools close their doors for the final time, with the majority of pupils and their families preparing to leave Germany and move back to the UK.
Shackleton School was one of the first set up in the British Sector of Germany after the Second World War.
Forces TV reporter Amy Matthews went to see how the pupils and the teachers were spending their last day.

At present, those awarded a VC or GC recipients receive a small annuity, worth £2,129 last year.

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