A Bomb Squad Documentary. Bomb Squad Men; The Long Walk. 321 EOD Squadron

Documentary following three retired bomb disposal officers as they recount their experiences in Northern Ireland during the IRA bombing campaign of the early 70’s. It was at this time the bomb disposal officer as we know it was born. As the documentary shows they were not trained for this type of work, they had to learn fast!!
One of the participants, Major Paul Wharton (retired) has written a book about his experiences which is available from Amazon and titled First Light. If you enjoy the documentary then you will certainly enjoy his book.


British Army – Braveheart Mobile Artillery Firing Exercise

Video from a readiness exercise held in March 2015 on the Western edge of Salisbury Plain military training area. While a full-blown military exercise takes place with Tornado GR4 bombers, Apache attack helicopters, Challenger battle tanks and thousands of troops, the Army positions their AS90 mobile tracked guns on the edge of Westbury right by the public track for fire-missions into the battlespace five miles away.

This video was taken of those Braveheart Army guns in action. I have altered the audio to match the visual gun-fire for better effect. Even at a few hundred meters the sounds of gunfire lag behind the visual event itself.

On patrol with Arms and Explosives Search Dog Ranger

Lance Corporal Robert Shirtliff, a dog handler with 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, tells us about his Arms and Explosives Search Dog Ranger the Yellow Labrador, and shows us how he trains Ranger to detect a variety of arms and explosives. His reward for making a find is his Kong toy.