It came after six people he knew from his time as a front-line soldier also killed themselves because they ‘couldn’t deal with the outside world’.

‘They need help from somebody that’s been there and done it – somebody who understands.

‘We have to raise this now because I don’t want another woman or child to go through this.’

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Gulf war syndrome: British Legion calls for more help for veterans

The Royal British Legion is calling on the government to do more to help veterans suffering from Gulf war syndrome.

Up to 33,000 former soldiers could be living with illnesses linked to serving in the Gulf, where operations began 25 years ago, and it is not known how to effectively treat them, according to the charity.

Acute and chronic fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, rashes and diarrhoea are among the symptoms, and the charity is urging the government to conduct more research into the issue.

Marie-Louise Sharp, of the Royal British Legion, which supports veterans, said: “We know the health of ill Gulf war veterans continues to be an important area for the government, which is why the Legion is calling for investment into research so we can understand how to improve the lives of those affected.