21Bty R.A.

21Bty revised timeline, showing major events and posting to those theatres of conflict and where able the role 21Bty played within that conflict.

Formation 1st Jan 1758
North America
Woolwich 1769
Gibraltar 1772
French & Spanish Siege 1779-83
Sortie – Honour Title Awarded 27th Nov 1781
Battle of Alexandria
Gibraltar 1802 – 1810
Battle of Barossa in Spain 1811
West Indies
Re-designated 2 Company 2nd Battalion Royal Artillery 1859
Based in England & Channel Islands
Malta 1891 – 1896
South Africa (active service)
Far Eastern service in north China (active service)
Far East
Royal Garrison Artillery in Singapore
Hong Kong
Burma – 1914
Aden & formed into a Camel Battery and joined the Indian Expedition Force 03/1914
Battery was renamed Number 1 15 Pounder Camel Battery 
Sgt Curtis was awarded the DCM for saving his gun. July 1915
India 1918 – 1927
Capture of Hatum 05/01/1918
Gnr J Fairclough was awarded the Albert Medal (GC)  8th May 1928
Gibraltar 1927 – 1947
WWII – Gibraltar
During WWII the Battery were assigned to RHQ 3rd Coast Reg, R.A. retitled to RHQ 28th Coast Reg R.A. equipped with 9.2″ Guns
Re-designated as 21 Battery 1947
Battery was placed into suspended animation   1956
21 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Battery joined 50 Medium Regiment 1957
Scotland Dundonald Camp, Troon 01-06-1958
listed as 21 Med Bty of 28th Fld Reg
Germany Northumberland Bks, Menden 1959
listed as 21 Med Bty equipped with 5.5″ Gun (source)
Battery converted to the Honest John surface to surface missile in the nuclear role, the first and only nuclear weapon fielded by the British Army. 1960
Battery moved across to 27 Medium Regt in Churchill Bks, Lippstadt and re-rolled in air defence using Blowpipe 1976
First Battery in BAOR to be equipped with Blowpipe
Northern Ireland, Belfast (Ardoyne/City Centre) 1977
Northern Ireland Jan – May 1980
21 Battery joins 47th Fld Reg R.A. at Mensergh Bks, Gutersloh Apr 1982
Falklands conflict providing Close Air Defence for the Task Force  May 1982
Germany Sept 1984
B-Troop, 111 Dragon Battery joined the Battery on its move to 47 Field Regiment in Gutersloh
Battery converted to the Javelin Air Defence Missile System 1985
England Baker Bks, Thorney Island 1989
Northern Ireland 1990
The Gulf Conflict Oct 1990 – ?
Troop of 21 Battery assigned in the Gulf Conflict providing air defence for RN vessels
21 Bty equipped with SP HVM and LML HVM Dec 1992
Operations with 24 Airmobile Brigade  1992
47th Fld Reg R.A. expands now housing 3, 4, 21, 31 & 3 Fld Btys 1993
47 Field Regt converted from a Field Regt to a dedicated Close Air Defence Regiment 1993
Northern Ireland 1994
Bosnia July 1995 – ?
Northern Ireland – full Regimental tour  July 1996 – ?
Cyprus 1998
The Regiment then completed a tour of Cyprus serving with UNFICYP
21 Battery attached to the newly formed 16 Air Assault Brigade under the command of HQ 16AA Bde Colchester Aug 1999
This move saw a number of changes; ‘P-Troop’, the airborne air defence troop of 5 Airborne Brigade, joined 47 Regiment as party of 31 (HQ) Bty, and then subsequently 21 Battery
Battery converted to the latest air defence weapon system, the High Velocity Missile in the light deployable mode 2000
Battery awarded its new title, 21 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Air Assault Battery Feb 2001
Afghanistan Op Fingal Dec 2001 – Mar 2002
Battery deployed with 16 AA Bde to Afghanistan as part of the International Stabilisation and Assistance Force in Kabul
Iraq Op Telic Feb – July 2003
Afghanistan 2006
Deployed as Infantry as the Operations Company of the Helmand Provincial Reconstructions Team.During this period the Battery sustained two casualties and fired over 12,000 rounds in fire fights with the Taleban, in what has been described as the fiercest fighting involving British Troops since Kosovo War.
Iraq/Afghanistan 2008
Deployed simultaneously to Op Telic (Iraq) and Op Herrick (Afghanistan) providing Surveillance and Target Acquisition to both 7 Armoured and 16 Air Assault Brigades using Desert Hawk Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Assigned to 47Regt. Horne Barracks, Wiltshire  2014
Equipped with TUAS Drones
 Joint exercise as part of 16 AAB with French 11e Brigade Parachutiste Sept 2015