21Bty Association

Gibraltar Reunion

Our Gibraltar Reunion marked a very special occasion with the ceremony and presentation of the 21 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Battery Association Standard. Being such a special occasion we had a number of special guests, a fine representation of the Association Members covering 50 Missile, 27 and 47 Regiments, representatives of the current Battery making the occasion all that more memorable.

As is normal on our annual reunions we always meet in the bar area on the Friday night to ‘get acclimatised’ and get as many ‘I remember when’ stories told as possible, that’s after trying to recognise everyone. We were very pleased that our President Major General Brian Davies was able to join us as was  Lt Col Ian Vere Nicholl, General Secretary of the RACF/RAA.  The bar was full but the England Rugby Match did distract members for a short while. The BSM made sure all the lads were there and we all had a most memorable night!


A tour of the Rock and Coastal Region was taken in, the local cafés and tourist location offering plenty of relaxation and catch up times. The local ‘wildlife’ if that is how you could term it kept many amused, as did the history of the Rock and the Battery, the close connection of the two was and is very poignant. Having so many people spanning different eras and the representation of the current Battery proved very special whilst out and about.

Our dinner evening provided an excellent occasion for the attendees to mingle, with different eras catered for on each table, sharing the ‘family’ connections between young and old, and of course not forgetting the wives and girlfriends that are always constant in supporting us.

To coincide with the reunion and the presentation of the Standard, the current Battery members took part a charity run, raising money for the Havant Childrens’ Hospice Appeal, photographs and more info can be found on the Gibraltar Run page.