Desert Hawk III UAS

Next-generation Desert Hawk III Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) has been deployed in the global war on terror by United Kingdom military forces. Combat proven Desert Hawk III continues to evolve to meet the changing demands of the warfighter.

Desert Hawk III is designed for portability, quick mission planning, hand launched and skid recovery, multi-mission versatility, enhanced day/night target detection, recognition, identification, greater operational range, endurance and covert operations.

Desert Hawk III provides the most persistent surveillance in its class by with its gyro-stabilized 360-degree sensor turret, colour and low light electro-optical plug-and-play payloads, and roll-stabilized infra-red sensor payloads.

The Desert Hawk III UAS consists of a rugged air vehicle and a lightweight, portable ground station, which provides operator training, autonomous pre-flight planning, in-flight control of plug-and-play optical and infra-red sensors, terrain avoidance measures, and the ability to provide real time dynamic in-flight mission and flight profile re-tasking.