Thomas Agnew Locked-in Syndrome

A former soldier from Melton Mowbray says he has considered killing himself, because of a rare neurological condition for which there is no cure.

Thomas Agnew – who served with the Royal Artillery and was stationed in Droitwich – was diagnosed with temporary locked-in syndrome in 2013.


RIP Buster

RIP Buster, the dog that completed five tours of duty in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq.

He saved thousands of lives by sniffing out bombs in these war zones. He was 13 and passed away peacefully at his home in Lincolnshire with Flight Sergeant Will Barrow.

You will be missed

At present, those awarded a VC or GC recipients receive a small annuity, worth £2,129 last year.

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Betrayal of our wounded veterans

When former Lance-Corporal Mark Dryden walked in to be assessed for the new incapacity benefit, the doctor asked him if he was right-handed. If it was a joke, it was lost on the soldier, whose right arm was blown off in Iraq by a roadside bomb that killed a close friend. Eight years after being promised that Britain would honour its duty to him as an amputee war veteran, Mr Dryden, 35, who has severely limited use of his other arm and post-traumatic stress disorder, was told his benefit was being withdrawn because he was considered fit for work.

“If I am fit for work, why can’t I join the Army again?” said the former non-commissioned officer in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. “When they said I had to go back to work, I had an anxiety attack, the depression sank back in. When it [the injury] happened I felt let down by the Army, not my unit or my mates, but the military and now I feel let down by the Government.


Armed Forces Day


Beach Blvd,

Aberdeen’s Armed Forces Day celebration is one of the city’s showcase events within its Summer Festival Programme, as well as being part of the national Armed Forces Day celebrations.

It features serving military men and women, veteran associations, cadet and youth organisations who all parade down Union Street accompanied by local pipe bands.